Today starts my adventures into blogging.  I can hardly wait to be part of the blogging world.  I love to knit, I love to read other blogs.  Now it’s my turn.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I am right now.  

It’s Fall.  I love Fall.  I am knitting pumpkins.  Even my husband likes these knitted wonders.  He has his favorite.  I think I may be bored with them.  I seem to get the knitter’s high starting a project and then that passes nd I want to start another project.  My original thought was to knit at least a dozen of these cute little orange gords and bless my family and friends with them.  But, alas, I’m kindof done with them. 


A sweet Mini Pumpkin

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One Response to Beginnings

  1. Ann Z says:

    Though I am not a knitter…yet. I know I will enjoy checking in on this blog anyway.

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