It’s a busy knitting world.

I’m not sure when knitting took on the energy that it has these days, but there are so many knitting events that I can’t get to them all.  I am lucky that my husband enjoys road trips, and he will drive me to any fiber fair, knitting retreat, or out-of-town knitting store that I find.

We recently drove over 50 miles to Cambridge, MN to the Cambridge Alpaca Fiber Fair.  The drive was actually nice, and we had a couple of side trips within this trip.  One side trip was stopping in East Bethel, MN to see a dear friend of mine & the second, was delivering a soda pump to her husband at a corn maze.  My friend’s husband has a weiner wagon [their words], and their slogan is “bite me!”.

Back to the alpaca fair, I did see alpacas, meet some very nice alpaca owners, and purchase 2 skeins of soft, luxurious, alpaca yarn.  I wanted more, but my yarn stash is ridiculous.

Pumpkins at the corn maze

More pumpkins

and more pumpkins

Here’s what I bought.  I can’t wait to knit with it.  I have 2 patterns for mitts that I think I may use this for.

A alpaca before it spit!

There is a fiber fair in Hopkins, MN this coming weekend and a one day knitting retreat in New London, MN- both are on Saturday! I’m not sure what I will choose.  The retreat has a class on knitting backwards, I’d like to learn that technique, but the fiber fair will have yarn, yarn, yarn, and all sorts of knitting accoutrements I didn’t know existed.  To be continued…….

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One Response to It’s a busy knitting world.

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh…sounds like a hard choice! Have fun wherever you go!

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