what’s on my needles now?

 Have you every had something that you were looking forward too with excitement, thinking it would be fun and it turns out not to be fun? I had purchased a knitting “kit” to knit this.  I purchased the kit at Shelley’s Yarn in Taylor Falls.  I actually bought this quite awhile ago.  I forgot I had this kit, and recently found it in a bag, under other bags in my sewing/knitting room.   The yarn is so soft, the colors are beautiful. 

In a side note, what wows me about knitting is what can be made just by moving the yarn in a different way: yarn in front, yarn in back, yarn over, etc.  I also am interested in learning new techniques.  This pattern gave instructions for knitting using 2 circular needles.  I have not knit using 2 circular needles instead of dpns.  I started the first mitten using 2 circular needles.  This technique was not working very well, as the yarn is soft and slippery on the metal needles.  So after a few rounds, I switched to a small 9 inch circular needle, thinking that the stitches would not be so stretched.  This did not work any better.  So then I moved all stitches to 3 wood dpns, thinking the wood needles would hold the yarn better.  Alas, this was making knitting each round a slow going process and leaving even bigger “ladders” between each needle.  I added a needle and had 4 dpns.  Still not really working.  And, this was making me not enjoy this very cute pattern.

My next step is to change back to the small 9 inch circular needle.  This is how far I am:

Winter Wonder Mittens

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