True Story

This past weekend was all about hunting and shopping and spending time with nieces, nephews and family.  I always seem to learn more about what’s changing in the world when I spend time with my nieces and nephews.  This weekend it was all about “true story”.  I think this is the latest catch phrase used by our younger generation.

Since being introduced to the “true story”, I have been laughing each time I hear this phrase.  I’m not sure what makes me laugh about it, all I know is each time I hear it or say it, I laugh out loud. 

If you think about it, true story can be used for a multitude of things.  Examples might be when you are in agreement with what someone is saying, “you look so cute in that outfit”- true story; I love chocolate-true story; I hate getting older- true story; I really would rather be knitting than doing anything else- true story; having longtime girlfriends to get together with and laugh is a wonderful gift-true story. 

See, pretty much anything can be a true story.  Good or bad.  Oh oh, more philosophying….it is Wednesday.  And Wednesdays seem to be for philosophying.

My castle. True Story.

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