A Fishy Tail

A quick post today on my progress with the fish caps.  Yep. Caps.  Three of them.  The pattern is here.  The pattern is easy and so far, quick.  The yarn is not.  I am using the suggested yarn from the pattern.  It is inexpensive yarn and does not “give” or move off the needles well.  I would say the yarn is very stiff.  My mom calls me a yarn snob.  I argue that the yarn quality really makes a difference in how well the project knits, and how long it takes to kni.  My hands get sore and stiff when I knit with inexpensive yarn.

But I will say this pattern is genious.  The stitches to make the “scales” is brilliant.  The author is Brenda K.B. Anderson.  I looked for her on Ravlery and found that she lives in St Paul, MN, which is not far from where I live.  Of course, the last name of Anderson should have given me a clue, as I live in the land of Andersons, Johnsons, Nelsons, Swansons, etc.

Here’s a picture of the first hat in progress. 

Fish Cap

Gotta go, more knitting to be done!

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