Happy 2013

I can not believe that I have not posted a blog since November 20th.  My apologies to my faithful readers [ I am stretching here, a bit, but….].

I have been busy knitting, of course.  A lot of knitting.  Then some days I don’t think I had one minute to knit.  Those are not good days when I don’t get time to knit.  Knitting keeps me happy and it keeps me grounded.   

One day I was digging through my yarn stash desperately trying to get organized and I found so many lost projects that I forgot I had.  All these lost projects are for me.  So, guess what a new years resoultion of mine is? I know you won’t judge me as selfish because you know I love to give my knitted treasures away as much as I love to keep.  But, for the month of January and hopefully even February, I am knitting things for ME.  

Recapping 2012, I completed 39 projects.  That just does not seem to be enough.  I feel that there must be more.  Though, I do have quite a pile of completed mittens, socks, shawls, and sweaters that I need to block or sew buttons on.  And since my count of finished projects for the year 2011 is 34, the number 39 may be correct.  Resolution #2: keep better records of my completed knitting projects on my Ravelry site.

The first project of 2012 was the purple scarf  from 60 More Quick Knits.  I really love this book.  It has easy and quick projects, hence the name of the book is appropriate.  When rummaging in my sewing room, one of the lost projects was a bag-yes, bag- full of yarn for at least 5 projects from this book.  More to come on that at a later date.  My last project for 2012 was Lipstick leg warmers for my niece as a Christmas present. 

Welcome 2013! My first finished project for 2013 was Mr Rochester’s Scarf.  This was a Christmas present that was still on the needles Christmas Eve.  I need to get this finished gift to my nephew soon, as the temperatures here in Minnesota are such that he may want to wear this. 

I have completed 2 other projects so far in these first 6 days of 2013: 1) circular scarf of my own design for my son in green and white stripe [ colors of the local hockey team] and Hannah Fettig’s Day Beret.  I had ordered her book, Knitbot Essentials and received 2 skeins of Quince & Co yarn for 2 projects in the book.  This was my first knit with Quince yarn.  LOVED IT.  Want more.  When the yarn is top quality, the project is fun and usually turns out better than expected.  This beret is cute, simple, and fits my rather large head.  I am not much of a hat wearer, but I may attempt to wear this sassy beret on for size.

I love the new year as it’s a time to reflect on what we have accomplished [ good & bad] and delare a fresh start.  Clean slate & all that.  So, my to do list is fresh, my outlook open and I’m moving on.  My goals are to knit more.  More sweaters.  I hope to complete all the sweater patterns that I have yarn for, and to attend a national knitting retreat.  I have one in mind, but I won’t say more until next week about that as there are a few ducks that need to be put in a row first.   

 I want to be more purposeful in my knitting and not so impulsive.  I have so many things that I want to knit.  Each has a technique, stitch, or a special yarn that I want to work with.  I am determined to get these projects compelted in 2013.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs and links that I follow.  They all motivate and inspire me: 







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