Fighting the Winter Blahs

Hello fellow knitters & faithful followers who may not be knitters, how are you? Have you hit the wall yet, the winter blahs?

Stay steady, keep knitting!  Join a knitting night at your local yarn shop.  Or go on a tour of all the yarn shops close by where you live.  Sign up for a knitting class.  Go to your local library & browse the craft section for knitting books.  Another fun way to break up the winter blahs- host a knitting party yourself.  Invite some girlfriends over, with their knitting, of course, put in a Jane Austin or Downton Abby CD and enjoy the time and company.  Stay steady, keep knitting!

I like to start a new project.  Typically, it’s something easy & quick.  Maybe bright colored yarn.  The thrill of “finding” that next knitting project.  If I get the chance, I enjoy sitting on the floor in my sewing room and perusing my own library of kntting books and magazines for that next fun project.  Finding the pattern first? Or finding a yarn that you forgot you had.  Putting the two together, deciding what to do.  The fun! The thrill! Then collecting the project bag, and the right size needles.  Putting the entire project together.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

Right now, on my needles, is a pair of fingerless mitts.  Lepidoptera mitt.  Weird name, but I guess if you design a pattern, you can name it whatever you want.  Hey, there’s another idea to beat the winter blahs- design a knitting pattern.

One last thought to beat the winter blahs- register for a knitting retreat.  That’s what I did. Here in Minnesota, the Minnesota Knitting Guild  puts on a one day event called Yarnover.  Knitters will find the humor and meaning in the title.  To non-knitters, a Yarnover is a stitch that makes a hole, usually for a lace pattern.  This event is fabulous.  The market is HUGE.  Vendors come from all over the country selling knitting accoutrements that you did not know you needed & you wonder how you ever knit with out these trinkets before! [I’m only jesting a bit here, folks- don’t tease a knitter about their knitting paraphernalia].

I’ll post pictures soon of recent projects, as I knit strong in 2013.

Happy Knitting

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