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Happy February.  I look at this as there are less than 60 days left of winter.  That means less than 60 days of snow and cold.  Don’t misunderstand.  I don’t mind winter, it just gets in the way of life.  You have to plan things better, give yourself more time to get somewhere, change plans if it snows, someone you had planned to meet and have fun with had to cancel due to the weather, etc.  It gets in the way.

Oh well, less than 60 days left.

What’s keeping me busy?  Downton Abby? [why did I start to watch this?!] Someone who I live with made a Pinterest page for me.  Wasn’t that nice? Now I spend time on Pinterest- like I need more things to take up my day? So if you want more knitting, head over to Pinterest and search for Knitsweetknit and enjoy.

I have more news.  I got a job in a local knitting store.  But to describe the store as a local knitting store does not at all describe it.  I can’t write much more, I think I need to get the okay for that.  On my first day I learned that this yarn business is hard work.  I also learned that there are all kinds of knitters out there- people who want to start knitting and don’t know where to start to the expert that have fantastic bags that I covet . [ one woman had a fantastic green felted bag that was gorgeous!]

It’s surprising to me when I ask if they needed help with finding anything, the majority did want help.  How fun is that?  Helping people with yarn, knitting questions, and finding that pattern for their next project.  It’s fun, exhilarating, and exhausting.  My feet hurt at the end of the day.

A bit of an update: I will not be travelling to Holland [Michigan] to a knitting retreat in April.  There is a yarn shop hop here in the cities.  This is the 4th year, I think. There will be 16 yarn stores participating.  This will be a “wow-bang” event.  Get your GPS revved up, take a few days off work, call the girlfriends, and make a plan.

That’s all for the update, I promise to blog more often as the yarn store stories begin.

Happy Knitting.3_medium I hope to start this sweater next.  I have the pattern & the yarn- so what’s stopping me?


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