Humble Knitter

I’ve been working part-time at a local yarn shop for about three weeks now.  I knew I didn’t know everything there is to know in the knitting world, but I learned very quickly all that I don’t know.

I am a humbled knitter.

It is so wonderful to be around yarn.  All the different kinds of yarn.  So many that I have never heard of before.  And the needles, and needles, and more needles! Who knew?  Needles with a tip that works for a specific purpose.  Who knew?

The yarn is an entirely different knowledge deficit for me.  There is yarn made with possum.  Yarn made with Muskox.  Bison.  And it on….  I have much to learn.

ox_musk_adult_spring_nome-alaska_8a (2) This is Muskox.

I learned that possum were not natural habitats to Australia and then they were so prolific that the government offered grants to people who thought of ways to use the possum, hence possum yarn.   I know! Who knew?

Something else exciting happened this week in terms of my knitting life.  I finally got into Cookie A’s online sock club.  I say “finally” because I have tried for a couple of years and have missed out.  My name was on the waiting list. I was reading my email at the right time the other day and saw that I had an email that informed me a few spots had opened in the club. I had only a certain amount to time to get online and register or I would miss my opportunity.  I was successful! I have been receiving emails from Cookie and my first shipment of yarn for the first project is on the way.

I can post after I am done with the pattern I think.  Not sure if it’s all secret.  I’ve read the rules, I don’t remember anything saying it was all top-secret.  I probably need to re-read the rules, so I don’t mess up and get kicked out of the club.

I will try to blog more often and post pictures of FO (finished objects).

Happy Knitting.

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