Spring needs to start now

It’s April 8th and the weather forecast is snow.  6-8 inches of snow.  This is not good for so many reasons.

Everyone I know is very ready for spring.

I am truly sorry that I have not blogged in a long while.  Did I tell you that I am working at a yarn store?  I do have fulltime employment.  I am working at the yarn store for fun.  Oh, yeah, and the yarn.  Here’s a sample:

spring colors

And more yarn.

untitled (5)

Of course, I’m buying [bought] a variety of these luscious gems.  I get the awesome opportunity of getting first dibs on so many lovely, luscious, fabulous yarns.  My yarn stash has grown exponentially since my employment at the yarn store.

I am so busy.  I need time to knit.  I had a panic moment the other day while in my sewing knitting room.  I am thinking that I may not have enough time days to knit everything that I want to knit.

And more yarn is arriving in the mail! I almost forgot I had ordered the yarn.  But, not really.  I did forget what I was planning to knit with the new yarn, oh well, I’ll find something.  At last count I had 10,416 patterns saved in my library on Ravelry.  So, I have a few options.

I want to share some potential knitting projects.  I mean, these are not “potential”, more “probably”, it’s the “when” that is in question.

photo (5)  This is yarn made from mink.  So soft.  No minks were harmed when coloring or winding this yarn.  The fingerless gloves are called “Audrey Gloves” after Audrey Hepburn.  So cute.

photo (4)  I am so excited about this sweater.  Besides being a super cute pattern, the yarn is Brooklyn Tweed! This is a wonderful yarn that was only available online until recently when The Yarnery in St Paul became a special distributor.  [And I live close to this LYS].

photo These gems arrived in the mail today.  I have been waiting and waiting for them.  It seems the waiting has made me forget what I was going to knit with them.  Hmm.  I will remember.

photo (2)  And look at this pile of delicious colors of Madelinetosh!  I’m planning on a very cool shrug with a design down the back and a few shawls.  The shawls will be soft and squishy fun to wrap around my neck.

photo (1) Oh, more Madelinetosh to make a Hannah Fettig Effortless cardigan.  I NEED to get started on this.  It’s been waiting patiently for me.

So much yarn, many projects, all I need is time,a cozy chair, and no distractions.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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