blogging & Knitting

Hello!  Today is a day to blog.  It has been too long since my last blog.  I apologize to any one who does read this.  Thank you for your patience.

It has been a busy time for me.  Knitting, working, working, knitting, more knitting, a lot more working………I am on the road to balancing these two entities.  Some days I do better than other days.

I am also now tweeting.  Yet, another way to stay busy!  But a fun way.  It is good to stay in the know, isn’t it?  I learn new things and stay attune to what’s the latest and greatest by reading blogs and reading tweets from fellow knitters around the globe.

What’s on my needles now?  Mara by Madelinetosh.  I met Amy Herzog, the founder of Madelinetosh at Steven Be in Minneapolis, MN.  I have a picture of Amy holding my new Madelinetosh yarn.  Yep, I am a groupie and asked if she would hold my yarn so I could take a picture.  She was very kind and accommodating.

photo (2)

I have more projects made from madelinetosh yarn.  Creedence Shawl, Creature Comfort, and Effortless cardigan.  Now i just need the time to get these done.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will post more of my progress soon.




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