Hello.  My name is Lynne and my vocation is nursing.  I learned to knit when I was in junior high school ( that’s what it was called at the time). I was probably 13 years old.  One of my first knitting projects was a vest with a cable down the front.  It was maroon with a gray contrast neckline and sleeve bands.  I can picture it very clearly.  I think my sister took it.  She says she doesn’t remember.  I am not sure what happened to that vest, but I hope it is somewhere out there.  That was my childhood knitting experience. 

In the recent past, I have had a watershed moment in my life and fell [back]into knitting in a big way.  I cannot seem to not be knitting.  I enjoy reading knitting books, knitting magazines, and knitting patterns.  I read the entire pattern before I begin knitting.  I must not like surprises, but mostly, my knitting time is late at night and I like to have everything I need for a project before I begin.

When I knit, it’s a good day! I hope you enjoy reading about life and knitting, too.


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