Mittens for Kittens

I thought I better write about knitting today.  Today’s post is about the rage for fingerless mittens, aka mitts. 

Who doesn’t like warm hands in the cold weather?  I mean getting into the cold car and touching the cold steering wheel? Brrr.  [I do have a heated steering wheel, but it takes a minute to warm up.  Can you say “princess”?] besides, fingerless mitts are a fashion statement, and who doesn’t like to be fashionable?

I recently knitted many styles of fingerless mittens for various kittens [metaphor for women-sorry, had to write this-it rhymes].  It was one of those spontaneous knitting binges that begins due to a quirky reason.  Here’s my reason: a friend at work gave me 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted hand painted merino in a beautiful cherry red.  I thought of my Mom and her cherry red Town and Country minivan.  Mom needs to keep her hands warm, but her fingers free.  Tadda! Fingerless mitts

My sister saw the pattern and wanted a pair.  I knit her a pair using Berroco Weekend in a dark purple in my stash.  Next pair of mitts knit.  Since I started using this Berroco Weekend that was intended for a shrug, I knit another pair of mitts using a different pattern

My sister did not like these mitts as much as the design I made for Mom.  Hence, fingerless mitts X3.  Since I was on a fingerless mitt knitting binge, I knit a 4th pair on an easy pattern that is not available on Ravelry.  It was a free pattern from Shelley’s Yarn Shoppe in Taylors Falls.  FYI, the shop also sells sheep on their website.


Four pairs of mittens for four kittens.  One

pair to Mom.  One pair to my sister.  One pair to a best friend [ who always appreciates my talents].  And one pair to co-worker for her birthday.

My next knitting binge will be dead fish hats.  Three dead fish hats.   I’ll post pictures of the progress.

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True Story

This past weekend was all about hunting and shopping and spending time with nieces, nephews and family.  I always seem to learn more about what’s changing in the world when I spend time with my nieces and nephews.  This weekend it was all about “true story”.  I think this is the latest catch phrase used by our younger generation.

Since being introduced to the “true story”, I have been laughing each time I hear this phrase.  I’m not sure what makes me laugh about it, all I know is each time I hear it or say it, I laugh out loud. 

If you think about it, true story can be used for a multitude of things.  Examples might be when you are in agreement with what someone is saying, “you look so cute in that outfit”- true story; I love chocolate-true story; I hate getting older- true story; I really would rather be knitting than doing anything else- true story; having longtime girlfriends to get together with and laugh is a wonderful gift-true story. 

See, pretty much anything can be a true story.  Good or bad.  Oh oh, more philosophying….it is Wednesday.  And Wednesdays seem to be for philosophying.

My castle. True Story.

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Wednesdays are for philosophying

Today brings crashing reality.  The election is finally over.  Now what?

“Letting go is the lesson.  Letting go is always the lesson.  Have you ever noticed how much of our agony is all tied up with craving and loss?”  Susan Gordan Lydon, The Knitting Sultra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice.

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”  Elizabethe Zimmerman

“As I get older, I just prefer to knit.”  Tracey Ullman

That’s all have for today. 

A tree in a special place

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what’s on my needles now?

 Have you every had something that you were looking forward too with excitement, thinking it would be fun and it turns out not to be fun? I had purchased a knitting “kit” to knit this.  I purchased the kit at Shelley’s Yarn in Taylor Falls.  I actually bought this quite awhile ago.  I forgot I had this kit, and recently found it in a bag, under other bags in my sewing/knitting room.   The yarn is so soft, the colors are beautiful. 

In a side note, what wows me about knitting is what can be made just by moving the yarn in a different way: yarn in front, yarn in back, yarn over, etc.  I also am interested in learning new techniques.  This pattern gave instructions for knitting using 2 circular needles.  I have not knit using 2 circular needles instead of dpns.  I started the first mitten using 2 circular needles.  This technique was not working very well, as the yarn is soft and slippery on the metal needles.  So after a few rounds, I switched to a small 9 inch circular needle, thinking that the stitches would not be so stretched.  This did not work any better.  So then I moved all stitches to 3 wood dpns, thinking the wood needles would hold the yarn better.  Alas, this was making knitting each round a slow going process and leaving even bigger “ladders” between each needle.  I added a needle and had 4 dpns.  Still not really working.  And, this was making me not enjoy this very cute pattern.

My next step is to change back to the small 9 inch circular needle.  This is how far I am:

Winter Wonder Mittens

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It’s a busy knitting world.

I’m not sure when knitting took on the energy that it has these days, but there are so many knitting events that I can’t get to them all.  I am lucky that my husband enjoys road trips, and he will drive me to any fiber fair, knitting retreat, or out-of-town knitting store that I find.

We recently drove over 50 miles to Cambridge, MN to the Cambridge Alpaca Fiber Fair.  The drive was actually nice, and we had a couple of side trips within this trip.  One side trip was stopping in East Bethel, MN to see a dear friend of mine & the second, was delivering a soda pump to her husband at a corn maze.  My friend’s husband has a weiner wagon [their words], and their slogan is “bite me!”.

Back to the alpaca fair, I did see alpacas, meet some very nice alpaca owners, and purchase 2 skeins of soft, luxurious, alpaca yarn.  I wanted more, but my yarn stash is ridiculous.

Pumpkins at the corn maze

More pumpkins

and more pumpkins

Here’s what I bought.  I can’t wait to knit with it.  I have 2 patterns for mitts that I think I may use this for.

A alpaca before it spit!

There is a fiber fair in Hopkins, MN this coming weekend and a one day knitting retreat in New London, MN- both are on Saturday! I’m not sure what I will choose.  The retreat has a class on knitting backwards, I’d like to learn that technique, but the fiber fair will have yarn, yarn, yarn, and all sorts of knitting accoutrements I didn’t know existed.  To be continued…….

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Oh Happy Knitting!

It’s very fun to knit quick projects like cute little children’s hats, small shawls, stuff that breaks up a bigger project.  It’s also fun when the quick knit project is so cute! Here’s some examples of cute kids hats:

Pumpkin Seed Hat

Find this sweet pumpkin seed hat here.

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And More Cuteness!

This is a pattern from Itty-Bitty Hats by Susan B Anderson.  I used Lion Brand Jiffy Print yarn and a pink feather boa.  So sweet.

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